P3-cosa CIP Range

P3-cosa CIP Range

Cleaning products for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The design of effective cleaning products and procedures for pharmaceutical companies is mainly driven by the composition and the physical state of the end product itself and the ensuing residues.
The Pharmaceutical industry uses many excipients which are difficult to remove and consequently require innovative cleaning concepts to effectively clean and sanitize the production equipment.
Our comprehensive knowledge in this area and our extensive product range, allows us to engage in intensive laboratory trials to provide you a tailor-made cleaning procedure and product proposal with validated results.

The P3-cosa CIP products are alkaline and acid cleaners which are used in a low dilution to clean permanently installed equipment that cannot be taken down for cleaning.
In the case of heavy soiling or hard cured deposits, our P3-cosa PUR can be added as a special  booster which not only delivers very effective results but can reduce the cleaning time and decrease energy and water consumption.

After cleaning and inspection of the rinse water, a separate chemical disinfection step is a very effective method to obtain the required hygiene standards. An efficient, water-based disinfectant should be used with product based on per acetic acid, e.g. P3-cosa DES. Even at 20 °C and a low concentration, P3-cos DES delivers an effective ´kill rate. Performance can be improved where necessary by increasing the temperature, leading to an enormously reduced application time. P3-cosa DES delivers a high standard of hygiene at low operational costs.

All P3-cosa products are manufactured under GMP conditions.

Your Ecolab specialist will provide you with individual solutions according to your specific needs.
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